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Driving License / Passport

You are required to have a valid (motorbike) driving license. You will not need an international driving licence. You will not need a special visa with a British passport. British passport holders will require an ESTA. However, your passport must be valid until at least 6 months after your return date.

Time Change

Eastern time: 5 hours behind, Central time: 6 hours behind, Mountain time: 7 hours behind, Pacific time: 8 hours behind


Credit cards are accepted by most businesses (American Express, Visa and Mastercard are most commonly used). It is advisable to take cash with you, also available in the form of travellers cheques. Additionally, you will be able to pay by debit card.


Prices are almost always given excluding taxes (VAT) or tips. You will be expected to tip around 15-20% of the bill (catering staff usually depend on tips as their main income).


Ensure you have purchased good travel insurance that will cover you (worldwide!) for riding a motorbike.

Age Limit

To adhere to the insurance conditions, the age limit is 21 and above. Exceptions can be made for 18 year olds and above upon request, but only if they are part of a group tour.


Despite the frequent warm weather, you are advised to wear 
protective motorbike gear and a helmet. As the weather can be cooler in spring and autumn time, you are also advised to bring raingear and some warm clothes. Take a right-sized helmet and sunglasses with you.


By default, most motorbikes are fitted with cases or bags, and saddlebags are available upon request (subject to availability). You will also have the opportunity to leave some luggage at the rental place (at your own risk).

Rental Conditions

Rental conditions are written out as detailed as possible in this brochure. Ensure you have read them thoroughly.


Travelling as part of a group tour is an easy and safe way to experience a motorbiking holiday in the USA. The tours have been carefully organised, you will have a support vehicle with a spare motorbike and room for your luggage, your team leaders are very enthusiastic, and above all it is a very sociable way of travelling!

Group Minimum

We accept groups of a minimum of eight people. Do not worry: we have never cancelled a tour because of low numbers.


During your journey, you will stay in good quality hotels/motels, which will be reserved before departure. The prices are for standard twin/double room accommodation. If you apply on your own, you will be required to share a room with someone else or you can opt for a single room (for an additional fee). All rooms will include ensuite bathroom with shower or bath facilities, television and air 
conditioning. Most hotels will also have a pool.


In order to accommodate each individual’s needs, we have decided not to include meals in the price. There is a relatively wide variety in restaurants and these tend to be reasonably priced.

Fuel, Support Vehicle, and Parking Vouchers

To make group payments easier – and by doing so, making the 
journey more enjoyable – we can provide vouchers that will cover all fuel costs (for the motorbikes and support vehicle), entry into national parks, and any barbecues. Voucher prices depend on the tour you have booked (you will receive relevant information about this before departure).


Roads in the USA are in good condition. Congestion is minimal, apart from in big cities, and the roads are very well signposted. There are a number of traffic regulations that differ from those in the UK. We will discuss the most important ones with you. In principal we will ride in convoy. However, if you wish to ride part of the journey on your own, you can discuss this with your team leader.


You will be riding at a reasonable pace, as the aim of course is to see as much as possible. But we will frequently be riding down bendy roads, which will require some confidence.

Travel Documents

About 14 days before departure, you will receive relevant travel 
information (such as a list of hotels where you will be staying, 
important telephone numbers, etc.).